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Charleston Bloggers Shoot & Brunch

As y’all know, I recently started my blog and as luck would have it, I randomly met Vi through a friend and she so graciously invited me to her first Charleston blogger event. To be honest, I was super nervous to attend the event. I feel like I am a ‘wannabe’ blogger right now. Thankfully all of these women are amazing rockstars and were extremely kind (and friendly…southern hospitality is a real thing). They all have a different kind of Charleston blog so if you are obsessed with all things Charleston check them out:

The event was held The event was held at the delightfully delicious Edmund’s Oast. I had no idea that they had a private room at their location. It’s connected to this cool little patio area too; so if you are looking for a smaller private space for an event in Charleston, I’d definitely recommend this place. We easily fit all of us in the room and we could’ve probably fit 4-8 more with strategic seating arrangements. 

Mimosas at Edmund's Oast
Floral arrangement by Charleston Flower Market
Cookies by Southernly Sweet
Chopped Salad from Edmund's Oast

The food at Edmund’s Oast is SO GOOD. Living in Charleston, you become a food snob unintentionally. The culinary scene here is out of this world. The only place I’ve ever visited that gave Charleston a run for its money food-wise was Las Vegas. I’ve previously attended Edmund’s Oast for a happy hour event, but I only saw the main dining area during that visit. It was nice to see more of the building this time. It’s such an aesthetically pleasing place. I don’t know who designed the building + decorated the inside; but whoever did it did a fantastic job… it’s a gorgeous place. They have an amazing wine and beer selection and when you pair it with a delicious charcuterie board it makes for a good night.

For brunch, I got the chopped salad and the girl sitting next to me got a cheeseburger. The salad was absolutely amazing. It was so fresh and flavorful. 

The cheeseburger looked and smelled amazing. I didn’t sneak a bite because (unfortunately) it is totally socially unacceptable to eat the food off of someone’s plate that you just met (lol). But, I might have to go back and order it for my next cheat meal! 😉


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Cheeseburger from Edmund's Oast

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